Instructor, Tulane University

Business Statistics & Modeling, Core MBA course

  • Core MBA course with 100 MBA, PMBA, and MMA students

  • Developed teaching materials (lectures slides, class activities, assignments, video solutions, exams)

Introduction to Business Analytic

  • Enrollment: 190, Instructor evaluation: 4.3/5.00 (Mean), 5/5.00 (Median)

Instructor, University of Texas at Dallas

Operations Management, OM Core

  • Enrollment: 41, Instructor evaluation: 4.75/5.00

Managerial Methods in Decision Making Under Uncertainty, BS Core

  • Enrollment: 59, Instructor evaluation: 4.47/5.00

  • Enrollment: 57, Instructor evaluation: 4.44/5.00

  • â—¦Enrollment: 70, Instructor evaluation: 4.5/5.00

Teaching Assistant, University of Texas at Dallas

Managing Energy, Global Supply Chain Management, Statistics and Data Analysis, Logistics and Inventory Management, Global Logistics, and Transportation, Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty in Business, Flexible Manufacturing Strategies, Operations Management

Teaching Assistant, Sharif University of Technology

Pricing and Revenue Management, Operations Research I & II, ERP, Marketing Fundamental, Control